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We personally travel to Europe to test and select the dogs used for Police Service Dogs and Personal Protection.

We have far more experience in selecting, testing and training and our techniques are more advanced than any other.

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A Personal Protection Dog is the best means of personal protection. We make sure we only choose the proper dog with right temperament and drives to achieve the performance expected for this task. Not every dog is suited for this type of training or work. We can arrange for a free consultation or evaluation.

PSP International also has pre-trained dogs for sale or prospects for training if you desire to enter one of our training classes. A trained dog is actually much safer than a dog that has not been trained. He is taught to react in a safe and predictable manner. He is trained and is reliable and will respond when needed, out of love and dedication to its owner.
Security Dog Alert
Security Alert is deterrent training which enhances your dog's perimeter awareness and understanding to bark when necessary. We will teach your dog and encourage a stronger aggressive ability when told to do so. This training is done in your home or on your property to encourage a territorial instinct. This training does not include bite work but could be customized to your needs.
Personal Protection Dog Phase I
Realizing that every pet owner has different needs in Personal Protection.

These are the most popular levels at this time. Personal Protection I teaches the dog in a controlled manner to bite and hold (if necessary) on command and
immediately release and desist when instructed to do so.  This is done by building your dog's confidence and natural instincts to protect.  Personal Protection I is a on leash level.
Personal Protection Dog Phase II

Personal Protection II entails teaching your dog to respond to personal protection commands while off leash and at a distance.

Realizing that some dogs have limitations in their training. This phase II encourages your dog to a new level, to protect and assist as needed.
Companion Protector
Companion Protector is the ultimate in personal protection dog training program for civilians. Dogs who qualify will be taught to assist under gunfire, muzzle work, maneuver through an agility obstacle curse, area search to find a suspect and assist from within your vehicle. Graduates will be certified in practical work and theoretic class training.
This videos are a must for all Law Enforcement Agencies and civilians that are looking for, "The true working dog at heart."
This video will cover PSP testing in Selecting the best and most suitable Prospect for Police or Personal Protection.
Watch and learn from the proven techniques of the West German Police.





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